Welcome to the definitions page!

This page is a work in progress. Many more terms to be defined soon. If you read something weird in an article of mine and it seems to be due to me using a word in a weird way, just comment and I’ll add that here or fix the post to be more clear. Terms arranged alphabetically.

Caeconomics – A method of decision making using principles from free market economics and Christianity, while realizing that Christianity must be interpreted on an individual basis.

DIYL – “Do it Yourself” Libertarianism. Used variously:  1) Actions one can personally and independantly, as opposed to cooperatively, take in order to directly implement libertarian ideas. 2) Person or persons engaged in DIYL. Sometimes as the plural ‘DIYLs.’ 3) Less properly, the concept of libertarianism in practice as opposed to theory. This usage is synonymous with libertarian realism or applied libertarianism.

Government – Any entity which is able to compel other entities to follow a set or subset of laws it produces, where laws are commands or rules for how to act or be.

Transphilosophy – A model of belief process characterized by the simultaneous use of philosophy, applied philosophy and preference.


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