TLDR: Conservative writer interested in economics, politics and religion. Entry level political analyst in DC. Pursuing Master of Public Policy at GMU.

[Note: This page is about me. An about caeconomics page is coming soon. In the mean time read the article, “What is Caeconomics?“]

My name is John Vandivier and I’m trying to change the world. I’m a married, 23 year old, underpaid Christian currently enrolled in George Mason University’s Master of Public Policy.

The articles posted on this WordPress site are related to my use and continued development of Caeconomics (“Cake-uh-nomics”). Secondary topics are politics, religion, music, economics and whatever else catches my attention. Caeconomics is a comprehensive moral and scientific method and theory which focuses on use for economic and political systems but can be applied to any system. Read my article, “What is Caeconomics?” for more information.

The Caeconomics’ facebook page is here.

You can find me personally on degreedfacebook, linkedin, youtube, khan academytwitter, blogger or wordpress!

Feel free to donate Bitcoins to me at the following address: 1FgAw8eofH7MpdPzDNv3GEWqmKA8yUoazX


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