Posted by: John Vandivier | August 16, 2013

Bryan Fischer: ObamaCare Threatens Homeschooling

Homeschooling takes power from the central government and gives it to the family in a very powerful way, through education. It is freedom at its finest.

Homeschooling not only produces consistently better results, it does so cheaper, in a way that minimizes government, in a way that maximizes personal responsibility, in a way that strengthens familial bonds, and in a morally superior way. See this article in which I go into further detail on homeschooling’s positive characteristics.

ObamaCare has been criticized by opponents and also called a “train wreck” by its own supporters Harry Reid and Max Baucus, among very many others. It has also variously been called the ACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or even ChernobylCare as a reference to its immensely destructive and failed nature. Now there is a new complaint to level against the thing. Bryan Fischer of American Family Radio hosts the radio show, “Focal Point with Bryan Fischer.” He recently reported that ObamaCare represents a threat to homeschooling. Skip to the 5:20 mark and watch this clip from his show:


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