Posted by: John Vandivier | August 8, 2013

Government Can Spy on You, but You Can’t Spy on It

So they can spy but we can’t? That’s the gist of the news coming out of the related Snowden, Manning, NSA and PRISM stories.

Larry Klayman at World Net Daily reports that Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton herself is implicit in the release of government secrets, just like Manning and Snowden. Unlike Manning and Snowden, however, Clinton has political connections.

Recently, on August 5, the Centre for Research on Globalization reported that not only are the NSA and PRISM spying on you, gathering information to be abused by the political elites via the IRS, FEC and other methods, but the FBI is also spying now! Of course the various

branches of the military and CIA can and do spy on us as well. It seems the entirety of the government has free reign to spy on us, but reciprocation entails a long jail sentence. Hypocrisy much?

Even worse, this kind of action was ruled as unconstitutional by a secret court, but our great US Attorney General Eric Holder had the ruling sealed as secret information. I’d say the government has pretty well broken its end of any social contract it may have had with the people.


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