Posted by: John Vandivier | July 27, 2013

Anarchism is American


The Articles of Conferderation, ratified in 17...

The Articles of Conferderation, ratified in 1781. This was the format for the United States government until the Constitution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom is a great place to learn about the not so politically correct history of America. For example he covers why nullification and secession are perfectly legitimate principles which our founders intended and were unconstitutionally assaulted by President Lincoln. He also intensively covers economics and some other topics as well.

Brion McClanahan does the lesson on Colonial Constitutionalism which is part of the site’s US Constitutional History series. In that lesson Brion emphasizes that the Colonial precedent was local government reigns supreme in all areas except interstate trade and military defense. From the charters to the articles of confederation and the declaration itself, Brion demonstrates that local government was a key role.

What is the ultimate form of localized government? Personal government, or anarchism. Perhaps there is a legal and historical precedent after all.


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