Posted by: John Vandivier | July 9, 2013

Peace Talk Predictions and Conclusion

English: Nobel Peace Prize 2009, Barack Obama

English: Nobel Peace Prize 2009, Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is the last in a series of 6 on an interview I conducted with Ted Shoebat on the Taliban peace talks. This link will take you to the Table of Contents and Condensed Interview.

After having established Obama’s pro-Islam ideology and policy stance the interview with Ted took its final turn. “Just to conclude,” I started, “what do you see is the most probable outcome of these peace talks? Is there going to be any peace?” Ted responded, “Simple answer: No there’s not. Unless we…address the true root of the problem, and that is the heresy of Islam, nothing is going to happen.”

If you think Ted’s involvement in this series was helpful I would encourage you to show support by looking for his books, articles and videos across the web and in particular as noted in the first and third articles of this series as well as the interview videos. Thanks for reading!



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