Posted by: John Vandivier | June 19, 2013

Useful Badge Sites

After looking around the web a bit the following lists the useful badge sites I have encountered. I will continue to update as I find more. The following video specifically talks about Mozilla Open Badges, which are the bleeding-edge badge technology, although not the only badge technology by any means:

See this article for more commentary on what a badge is exactly, including a more general idea of a badge, not necessarily an open badge.

Be sure to integrate your badges with Degreed!

On to the list of badges! This list also includes some sites using open badge’s close cousin, open credit. “Closed” in parentheses indicates that the badge is not Mozilla Open Badge nor open credit compliant:

Expect more familiar and mainstream names to pick this up soon. Numerous universities including well known ones like UIUC are picking this up in the near future as well as numerous businesses including Microsoft.



  1. Hi John, Scott here from coderbits.Our badges are compliant with Mozilla Open Badges. Users can add their badges to their Badge Backpack from within coderbits.

  2. Thanks Scott! Updated.

  3. […] Also, keep an eye on the very much related article previously written called Useful Badge Site. […]

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