Posted by: John Vandivier | May 15, 2013

Top 5 Ways Mother Jones and the Left Heading the Right Direction! (For Now at Least)

This article sums up a barrage of far left political sources who have been remarkably sympathetic to the right in recent times here in the USA. One main source is the far left and very well known blog Mother Jones.

1 – Mother Jones admits horrible discrimination against conservatives by the IRS:

2 – Mother Jones admits the White House mislead the public on Benghazi: and

3 – Jon Stewart finds the IRS and Obama guilty of attacking conservatives, even giving Ted Cruz some credit:

4 – To quote the article directly, “Even Bill Maher thinks California taxes are too high.”

5 – The far left news agency The New York Times corrected (a small part) of their false reporting on the Gosnell trial by changing the word “fetuses” to “babies” (Note the update at the top of the article):



  1. The never ending political game.

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